Anonymous asked:

can you draw me a luffy with nami and nami is wearing the hat please


Sorry, I’m not taking requests at this time. You can commission me here if you want me to draw something. But thank you for the interest. :)

I wanted to try out different styles…

an idea I had so random sketch ups :3

some dragon age doodles from my twitter keke

I plan to do more eventually but just doodled random elves this time…. (I’m replaying my surana recently for the fun)

One of my favorite mangas, Ran to Haiiro no Sekai, is ending soon. I really love the art, world, and characters.. It’s a slice-of-life featuring loads of magic and I just wanted to draw a quick sketch in honor the manga. ++ recommend

laviee said: what did you use? o:

The game uses Phaser! Using Sublime Text Editor and Tiled Map Editor. It’s JavaScript for the code and the art assets just simple 30x30 pixel-raster art from Photoshop.

play my second game I’ve made, ever! screenshots from moments within it.

It doesn’t have any narrative to it and my goals were mostly code based so the image assets are very limited! It is NOT a horror game, more of a maze…. anxiety…. game. You control the player with the arrow keys and space bar and try to make your way out of the maze. There is a way out! Can you make it? (If you’re confused: try pushing against [O] squares]