NYU Game Center: Game Design BFA


Game Design at NYU Tisch! It opens this Spring 2015 and it’s open for any NYU transfers! Or new college students who want to major in game design can apply Fall 2015!

I’m posting this, because, well… I just began my graduate studies at Game Center for a MFA in Game Design. So, if you already have a college degree, how about a MFA? Well, either are cool options, no? :)

I will post more about what I’ve been up to (these past two years) soon enough- but if you guys have questions about this program let me know! I can’t say I can help much for the BFAs, but I can definitely tell about the MFA experience so far.

more dragon age doodles!

my warden & hawke with their respective love interests :))

I really cannot wait for DA:I to come out that I got nostalgic and looked up my old DA fanart… *__*.. The bottom four are from 2012!

and then I drew my warden/Hawke that I want to use for my Inquisition playthrough….! So excited! Cannot wait for November..

My page for the Dressrosa Zine! Ahhh, it was such an honor to draw for the zine and I am so impressed by all the talented artists and design that went into it.

Big thanks to the wonderful team who organized it! *___*;;;

some eyeball burning colors

limited color doodle practice

my dressrosa zine copy arrived in the mail today!! This book is gorgeous! You can see my contribution at the end..!

thanks to the wonderful mods who organized this and all the other lovelies!

a quick doodle on the side