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Yep. These look badass.

One more day!

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In case you guys wanted to know where I reblog stuff. Mostly things that “inspire” me and other little things. :)

something I’ve just had in my files for a while so I’ll post here!

sketch design of a lady mage type in my free time

i restarted fire emblem recently on hard

on my way to steal yo prince

I’ve been trying to push these character’s designs more and more and I think I’m finally getting somewhere with them.. :)

character design doodles

tons of unfinished sketches

Um this game is so addicting? It lacks a plot and I didn’t want to beat all the Gyms [I think I’m at like 6th or 7th now] so I went Battle Chateau and Restaurant battling to gain style and now I have pigtails and am cute!!!

I love Ghost Pokemon but my Azurill has a soft spot.